Initial Ponderings…’s thoughts, heard and read by anyone.  DAUNTING. People can post comments, possibly nasty comments. No more waiting for a letter to the editor for comments.  Why start blogging? My students!  If I want my students to become confident writers, I need to model this “confidence” -whether I feel it or not.   If I want my students to publish or write on a blog, I need to be publishing.

I must confess, I have another “private” blog about my running practice, a blog that I have let very few people know about. Why?  Fear. They say public speaking is one of the top ten fears, well mine is publishing my writing.  Educators, people in general can be … critical and not the constructive kind.   I read an article in The Atlantic Monthly by a fellow English educator, and the poor guy was lambasted for a sentence that was not “perfectly” structured.  I realize, one needs to mentally prepare and to skillfully create some steely mental armor that is not easy to pierce when thinking about publishing any work; and remember Rule #62: “Don’t take yourself so… seriously”!

So, here I sit in my empty classroom on a frigid, 13 degree day, beginning to create my mental shield of titanium, and more importantly beginning a conversation with  students, colleagues, teachers, parents about education, learning, and the classroom.

What does it mean to be literate, a student, educated?


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